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  • Candle Glue - Pentart - 100ml

Candle Glue - Pentart - 100ml

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Pentart products are top shelf media imported from Europe
Glue contains a flame retardant so that decorative elements can be applied to the candle and it can be burned safely.


The material contains a flame retardant so that decorative elements applied to the candle can be
burned safely.

The glue can be used to safely apply the following materials directly to the candle and then burn the

--Napkins, rice paper napkins, rice paper – in this case, use the glue both above and below the
--Coloured foil
--Rub-on Pigment

o The coloured foil and rub-on pigment should be protectes with clear wax paste to
make sure it won't run off. The wax paste can be buffed on, so you won't lose the
metallic or chrome effect either.

o You can also use a layer of wax paste on the surface of the napkin to keep the waxy
feel of the candle and by polishing it up to give a shiny surface to the candle

The following materials can also be applied and burn the candle safely, but here you should mix the
materials into the glue itself and apply them so that they are evenly and securely fixed everywhere:

3D powder and balls

The following materials are not recommended to be applied directly to the candle, but can be
applied with a Tacky Glue Pen on a surface primed with candle glue or applied by decoupage
technique and then protected with clear wax paste to burn the candle:
 Metal leaf
 Decorative foil
 Pigment powder
 Art Mica
 Glitter
 Eco Glitter

You can apply the following material directly to the candle or use it for pittorico technique to paint
the napkin further. Protect with a transparent wax paste:
 Acrylic paint
The following material will also stick to the glue, but we do not recommend burning it, it is for
decoration only and cannot be protected with wax paste:
 Velvet powder
For Demonstrations:
Visit The Royal Court Arts and Crafts Youtube channel:

These products work very well with Decoupage Queen rice paper, from paints, glues, crackles, and metallic effects, you will not be disappointed.

Available in the United States from Decoupage Queen retailers.

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