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  • Chameleon Varnish | Water Based | Pentart | 50ml | 2 Colors

Chameleon Varnish | Water Based | Pentart | 50ml | 2 Colors

Hawaii shipping- We are unable to offer free shipping to Hawaii.  However, we are able to offer discounted shipping.  Please reach out to us for a shipping quote.  Thank you!
Pentart products are top shelf media imported from Europe
Water-based effect varnish with pearlescent, chameleon effect.
The varnish is not covering the surface, it will only add an elegant iridescent sheen. The effect is especially attractive when applied on curved surface.
For Demonstrations:
Visit the pentart youtube channel at Pentart Youtube channel at
These products work very well with Decoupage Queen rice paper, from paints, glues, crackles, and metallic effects, you will not be disappointed.
Available in the United States from Decoupage Queen retailers.
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