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  • Crystal Paste - Pentart - Red - 100ml
  • Crystal Paste - Pentart - Red - 100ml

Crystal Paste - Pentart - Red - 100ml


Hawaii shipping- We are unable to offer free shipping to Hawaii.  However, we are able to offer discounted shipping.  Please reach out to us for a shipping quote.  Thank you!


Pentart products are top shelf media imported from Europe


A paste containing fine glitters, with which we can create colourful, shiny, silvery sparkling decorations. The carrier material for the glitters dries transparent, so the glitters will spark on the surface after drying. The achieved effect depends on the layer thickness of the applied paste: in a thick layer, you get a three-dimensional decoration covered with glitter, while when applied thinly, you get a shiny, transparent surface with glitter. The crystal paste can be well combined with the Ice Crystal Paste, and its colour range is excellent for Christmas themed projects.  With the Crystal Pens, we can create dots or even draw finner patterns. Available in 4 colours. 


For Demonstrations:
Visit The Royal Court Arts and Crafts Youtube channel:

These products work very well with Decoupage Queen rice paper, from paints, glues, crackles, and metallic effects, you will not be disappointed.

Available in the United States from Decoupage Queen retailers.

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