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  • Jade - Décor Weave- Hokus Pokus - Decoupage Paper Fiber
SKU: 1077337655

Jade - Décor Weave- Hokus Pokus - Decoupage Paper Fiber



Free shipping doesn't apply to Hawaii, but please reach out for discounted sipping.

Measures 33.6" x 23.2"


It is a decoupage sheet, but not like anything you’ve seen before.  These weaves are amazing to work with!  The weave is a very light woven fabric with the image applied to the fabric. They are so easy to apply with any medium you would use for decoupaging.  By following these easy instructions, you will have a wrinkle free application, with no ripping or bubbling.  Apply to any clean surface!  The next best item to add to your furniture painting or crafting accessories!


As these are large sheets and packaged to save you money in shipping costs, you may need to lighting iron out the folds. With the iron on a cool setting, gently iron the back of your Décor-Weave design to remove initial fold lines.  Remove all excess dust from your project before applying your Décor-Weave. All painted surfaces must be 100% dry to avoid the Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave from lifting or creating air bubbles. Decide where you want your weave and cut to size prior to applying. 


Apply a base coat of a good quality water-based sealer, we LOVE Dixie Belle Satin Top Coat for this. While still wet place the Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave in the desired place, ensure all air bubbles are removed by rolling with a brayer. Wait about 30 minutes then apply your 1st coat of sealer.  Wait until 100% dry then apply a 2nd coat or 3rd coat if desired. Once 100% dried and cured, gently sand the whole design with 400 grit sandpaper to a smooth texture. You can sand back any overhanging edges. Always clean your piece with a damp cloth with no harsh chemicals. Sit back and admire your creation!


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