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  • Namaste - Gold Foil - Rub On Transfer - Hokus Pokus - 2 Sheets
SKU: 1443694548

Namaste - Gold Foil - Rub On Transfer - Hokus Pokus - 2 Sheets


Hawaii shipping- We are unable to offer free shipping to Hawaii.  However, we are able to offer discounted shipping.  Please reach out to us for a shipping quote.  Thank you!


Package includes 2 sheets; I sheet per design, each measures 12" x 12"

Hokus Pokus Petite image transfers are highly-detailed and can be used on wood, painted furniture, glass, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces.  Perfect for upcycling, these furniture transfers are awesome for small decor as well as furniture especially jewelry boxes.


Try Hokus Pokus highly detailed foil accents rub on transfers, which can be used on most craft projects such as: vases, trays, candle holders, mirrors or any smooth and hard surface. 


The foils can be cut into separate pieces to create your own design and easily rub on.


Application: Rub on furniture or other items, but be gentle as they are made from gold foil and are sensitive. No water or glue needed to apply. 

Just lightly use your fingers or the craft tool that is included and apply as per our instructions.


Please do not press too hard, as these foils are sensitive.

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