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  • The Queen - Hokus Pokus - Rub On Image Transfer - 6 Sheets

The Queen - Hokus Pokus - Rub On Image Transfer - 6 Sheets



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Hokus Pokus Décor transfers are pressure sensitive printed designs which can be rubbed onto any smooth surface using a transfer tool in order to enhance and decorate a piece of furniture to create a one-of-a-kind piece of decorative art.


This new design and format are packaged flat and 6 sheets makes up the design. Hokus Pokus prouds themselves by being innovative and have improved the application materials for these new transfers. Our transfers require no water, heat or glue to be applied and is simply rubbed onto your project using a special transfer tool which is included in the packaging together with a full instruction sheet. If applying over Chalk Mineral Paint, be sure to 'sand back' the surface to remove the 'rough' feeling with a high grit sandpaper, or seal your piece before applying the transfer.  Are transfer’s hard to apply?  Not really, they just take patience and planning where you want to apply your pieces of transfer.  A little painter’s tape, a sharp knife when applying over drawers and patience is all you need 😊


Transfers do not have any edges that has to be cut out as it is a frameless and borderland product that you can apply without having to conceal any edges.


Can be used on wood, painted furniture, ceramics, glass, mirrors, tiles and many other smooth surfaces.


6 Sheets, each sheet measures 12" x 12"


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