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  • Wild Gardens - Hokus Pokus - Rub On Petite Transfer - 3 Sheets
SKU: 14436387182

Wild Gardens - Hokus Pokus - Rub On Petite Transfer - 3 Sheets

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Hawaii shipping- We are unable to offer free shipping to Hawaii.  However, we are able to offer discounted shipping.  Please reach out to us for a shipping quote.  Thank you!

Package includes 3 sheets; I sheet per design

11.8” x 11.8”

Hokus Pokus Petite image transfers are highly-detailed and can be used on wood, painted furniture, glass, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces.  Perfect for upcycling, these furniture transfers are awesome for small decor as well as furniture especially jewelry boxes.


Hokus Pokus prouds themselves by being innovative and have improved the application materials for these new transfers. Our transfers require no water, heat or glue to be applied and is simply rubbed onto your project using a special transfer tool which is included in the packaging together with a full instruction sheet. If applying over Chalk Mineral Paint, be sure to 'sand back' the surface to remove the 'rough' feeling with a high grit sandpaper, or seal your piece before applying the transfer. 
How to apply your Hokus Pokus rub on transfer:

-Your surface to be clean and 100% dry. If painted surface, allow 24 hours to dry before apply transfer. You can seal your piece prior to applying your transfer
- Our image transfers comes with a loose wax backing paper, which does not stick to or damage the print.
- Cut out the elements you want to use before removing the wax backing paper.
-When applying your transfer, tape down the edges to ensure that the design stays in place.
- Working from the top to the bottom, rub off the design using the enclosed transfer tool. Gently lift the transfer film to confirm that the entire design has been transferred.
-Use a clean dry cloth to smooth out the edges making sure that the whole transfer has completely adhered to you project

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